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Shirts for big boobs | Blouses for large breasts | Clothes for big busted women | Clothing for curvy women

Clothing for Big Busted Women

Welcome to Bounteous, a company that specialises in providing blouses, shirts and tops for big busted women.

Clothes for Big Breasts
Shirts were £40 - now £34.99
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In recent years, specialist clothing has successfully developed for tall, petite and plus sized ladies but there remains a distinct lack of shirts for big busted women with medium or small frames. For such women, finding clothes for large boobs that fit properly, continues to be a struggle. 

Typically, the garment might fit over the bust but will be too baggy elsewhere; or fit the torso but be too tight over the bust. Sound familiar? If so, you are going to love this range.

Our main objective is to provide quality shirts for busty women. These are unashamedly shirts for big boobs; designed by women specifically for large busted women. The sizes range from a D - J cup, in sizes 8 - 16.

Shirts For Big Boobs

Bounteous is a young company specialising in a boutique range of classic white blouses and shirts for big boobs that fit beautifully and will leave people noticing you, not your chest.

For us, quality is the key and we do not want to, or even try to, compete with the cheaper end of the market. We use only the best Eygptian cotton and highest Italian manufacturing standards to bring you these top quality garments.

Payments: Please note all payments are processed via Paypal. We do not take any payments ourselves direct. This means that you can either pay with a Paypal account or via a credit card. Once the payment is authorized we are notified and process the order.

North American & Non European customers:
 You will be pleased to note that you do not pay VAT (a European sales tax). Which hopefully makes the price worthwhile for you. For British and European customers VAT is already included in the £34.99 price.

Bounteous - Dictionary Definition: Plentiful, Abundant, Generously or Copiously Given, Liberally Bestowed

NB Shirts for big boobs - Super Dooper sizes in 8 & 14 have now all sold out


“Dress shabbily, they notice the dress, dress impeccably, they notice the woman”
Coco Chanel

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shirts for big boobs | blouses for large breasts | clothes for big busted women | clothing for curvy women