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Tight Shirts

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Tight Shirts

Tight shirts are a real pain for big busted women.

  • Firstly you will have unattractive pulling and gaping on the shirt itself. Not only does this look unattractive but it also implies you are wearing the wrong size.
  • Secondly, it will undoubtedly bring unwanted attention. Men will either spend their time (supposedly subtly) angling their heads to get a better look, or more brazenly simply staring at your chest.
  • Finally, you will also draw disapproving looks and comments from other women who consider you are at best being obvious, or worse, trashy and one step from a life of eternal damnation.

Is this justified? Hardly. It is not your fault that traditional retailers and manufacturers cater for the majority and still create womens shirts and blouses in one size all over. This sizing culture is never going to be capable of suiting a busty woman.

At Bounteous we only provide shirts for big busts. Our range runs from a UK 8-16 and D - J cup. Each shirt is available in 4 sizes; Busty, Really Busty, Super Busty and Sooper Dooper Busty. We sincerely hope that we can cater for most busty women and banish those tight shirt blues forever.

To buy a shirt specifically designed for ladies with a big bust, click Shirts for Big Boobs.

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Tight Shirts